Spiritualized starts as Devil Wears Prada but turns into Broad City – but with a perimenopausal twist!

After ten years, a 40-something, slightly delusional, and recently-divorced screenwriter whose royalties are drying up from her one smash TV hit "Buddies" returns to the Big Apple to work as a junior editor at a hot new lifestyle website.


Spiritualized kicks off in the West Village on a fall morning. We see Kate Connelly unpacking a U-Haul. Rocky, her outrageous Korean sidekick, is helping her out. As Rocky drops a moving box, we learn that Kate has a bad case of writer's block. Kate's old friend Karen randomly walks by and reminds her she's a one-hit wonder.

Kate believes she's still the voice of her generation, and has what it takes to write another commercial hit. To make ends meet in the meantime, she accepts a job at White + Well, which was founded by the former star of "Buddies." Hey, at least the work will be easy and ​filled with free perks galore (meals, hotels, spa treatments, clothes, etc).

But don't worry. Kate's still going to keep screenwriting on the side. She pinky promised Rocky.


This is a straight up episodic comedy, none of that black comedy or dramedy stuff which we love don’t worry (Fleabag or Ramy). We use lots of special effects. We have a female protagonist and a strong supporting cast of secondary characters.