Twenty years ago, our protagonist found success early on as a screenwriter with her blockbuster TV hit Buddies . The problem? She hasn't written a hit since. Also, she spends wayyyyyyy too much time reliving her glory days. After a messy divorce and living in the midwest for ten years, she's back in New York to prove herself to the world. In the meantime, she's called in a favor to Jess White (who starred in Buddies) to give her an editor job at her booming lifestyle website. The work is frivolous and totally beneath Kate, but it'll pay the bills and give her free access to everything that's hip and cool in New York!


Kate used to be fun, and has never had a Plan B. 




ROCKY CHANG is Kate’s old buddy, and owns an apothecary in Williamsburg. She prefers bars to restaurants. She's blunt, hates white wellness, and tries to eat a casual slice a day.


JESS WHITE a glamorous actress-turned-wellness guru who's back from LA and now taking NYC by storm with her website White + Well. Her mission is to help heal all women of the world.


MARTIN CROSS is the uptight and judgy jumpsuits editor at White + Well. He dropped out of NYU’s Tisch, where Jess took pity on him during an audition – and offered him a job.


LAURA FRIEDMAN is Kate's boss at White + Well. She's whipsmart and doesn't believe in fitting in. She was valedictorian at Northwestern Journalism, but that doesn't matter one bit as a "lifestyle journalist." She dresses modestly because of her religious upbringing, but sneaks in drags of cigs here and there. 


KAREN PIERCE is Kate’s sorority sister from college, and the quintessential successful New York mom. She's a former banker married to a cutthroat litigator with two kids in a baller West Village townhouse. She LOVES White + Well.


WILL STUART is Kate’s old roommate, and a textbook handsome, pansexual Tribeca gallery owner. Like many New Yorkers, he's addicted to Adderall and Botox.


POLLY RUDD is Kate's 78-year old single neighbor. She extremely tan, only wears caftans, has 5 cats, and definitely shy of a marble or two. Kate is perplexed: where does this old woman get all of her energy?